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iRock for iPod 5G v2 by gaston

DAP: iPod 5G (Video)

update: added playlist icon and redispatched info on screen.

/!\ : dedicated to iPod 5G (video, with color screen 320x240)

- displays 100x100 cover art when available, takes full screen width for text only if CA not available
- date and clock info + icons become accurate volume + battery info + icons when HOLD button is ON
- colored volume scale
- animated battery icon when under charging
- HDD activity virtual LED

delivered with font, theme settings and backdrop

any comments welcome :

Cover Art: Yes (100×100)
Backdrop: Yes

Rockbox version: all

Downloads: 12710
Rating: 5.00 of 5

Download Download «iRock for iPod 5G» v2

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